Don’t Put Yourself in a Box Dreaming of One Market Alone; Diversification Is Critical

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Hi, my name is James [name] and I’m from Malaysia. I would like to inquire about the trend following training program especially on the premium flagship system + training. I am only interested in currencies and I have been trading the spot forex market for about a year now, but I have never traded fx futures or fx options so far. My question is do you have training on trend following system that is only for forex trading? I have read through your webpage on premium flagship training and you mentioned that currencies (fx) is one the markets covered in this training but then you also mentioned that the instruments/system used is for ETFs, leaps options and futures, then what about forex trading? I am really interested to join the trend following training program if you can have it specialize for forex trading. By the way I have also read through the amazing turtle traders stories, but may I ask [if] any one of the successful turtle traders are major forex trader[s]? I hope you can enlighten me on this issue and I look forward to your favorable reply.

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James [name]

You can use futures, leaps or ETFs to trade currencies (FX). Currency markets can be traded across those 3 markets. I don’t recommend the heavily hyped FX market alone (that is pushed by brokers online). Trade on regulated exchanges. Better. Yes, you can be a trend following trader on currencies, but why limit yourself to currencies alone? Diversification is the free lunch and you need to take it.

Note: All trend followers trade currencies, FX, forex or whatever you want to call it.

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