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A recent email exchange:

Michael, How well does your system perform? What is the rate if wins over losses? What is the largest gain and largest loss on all your trades? What is the average length of time in a trade? What is the average gain of all your trades? I am trying to get an idea if your system will benefit me.

Thank you.


Beyond details here a few extra points to the service I provide:

    1. Classic trend following systems.
    2. Winners will typically be 3-4 x the size of losers. Winners typically 30-50% (of course “expectation” is the issue, not “winners”).
    3. Portfolios can vary, performance will vary.
    4. Risk/reward are related, so the end user can try to achieve a greater or lesser return. Drawdown of course related to these choices, and will vary too.
    5. Trades can be stopped out in days or weeks. Winners could exceed 1 year.

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Mike, I don’t know what it takes to be a trend following trader. I have read all of your books, and I still have yet to get an idea of what your system is like. Most I read is about how well people (like the turtle traders) do, but not very much substance. I have been scammed multiple times before so I am very hesitant to buy anything that has not been tested out.


If you think my world is a scam please don’t join up. Just want to be upfront. I am simply giving you a head start and charging for it. You could figure it out on your own, but might spend years. There is no Holy Grail, it all takes work, but I do help people get there faster with actual systems they can apply.

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