The Podcast Names Keep Getting Bigger

Starting up ‘Trend Following Radio‘ has been a great ride. I am able to talk to some incredible people every week, and I am sure the best is yet to come. Feedback in from a reader on recent guests:

Charles Faulkner, Dan Ariely, Tom Basso, Ed Seykota, John Bollinger and Daniel Kahneman all in a span of less than 90 days?!?! That’s awesome (cubed)! And all those in between have been truly great to listen to as well. Thank you for the line up (and your questions to them) and all the work to put it together!


Thanks Robert!

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One thought on “The Podcast Names Keep Getting Bigger

  1. Agreed, this is the best trading/investing/psychology podcast on the ‘net. Would love to see it morph into a Friday night show like Charlie Rose. That would be AWESOME.

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