Where to Start on the Trend Path?

A recent conversation:

Q: Michael, I’ve read every book that I know you’ve published about trend following. I’ve also have listened to many of your podcasts and read much of your web content. I really like the wit and humor you bring to the topic in your works. So, thank you for education and entertainment. At the moment though I am a little lost on my journey to start putting the knowledge to practice. I’m still many months from being able to actually trade my own account. Aside from developing and paper trading a system in the mean time I am looking for further ways to develop myself towards the goal of trading my own account. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A: I help people with that here: trendfollowing.com. Thanks for the nice note.

Q: You’re welcome. I’ve been to your sites many times. Actually I’m considering buying your flagship system. But I haven’t saved up enough extra money to either purchase it or start trading on my own yet. I guess I was looking for interim advice on what to do in the mean time.

A: My books and podcast are no slouch of info.

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