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Ep. 201: Frank Curzio Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Michael Covel talks with Frank Curzio of Stansberry and Associates. Curzio is the voice behind S&A Investor Radio, as well as the editor of the Small Stock Specialist. Although they have different stances on trading, Covel and Curzio connect on a number of trends. Curzio and Covel discuss the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and upcoming electronics trends; connectivity; narratives; protecting your downside; the Federal Reserve and the gold market; Netflix, Best Buy, and 4K televisions as a trend; Apple; being on the ground, physically going somewhere, and the importance of being there. Covel saw Curzio present in the fall of 2013 in Singapore and really appreciated his technique of stop lossing his narrative.

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