Episodes 196 and 195 Both Live; New Michael Covel Monologues

Synopsis: Michael Covel opens up about his more interesting experiences in 2013, first talking about his experiences presenting to the sovereign wealth funds for Singapore and Malaysia. Covel moves into talking about the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (another sovereign wealth fund), and whether they are understood as a trend following trader or not. Covel talks about the “silent magic hand”, and its connection to the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, and whether this means they are now executing trend following in-house. Covel talks about how this means potentially less and less public information about trend following going forward. Covel moves into media manipulation and distraction and how it surrounds us 24/7. He also discusses an upcoming trend following conference in Asia in late 2014. Time to start kicking ass. No sitting still. Get on a plane now! Want a free trend following DVD? Go to trendfollowing.com/win.

Synopsis: Michael Covel takes us out of 2013 with his unique perspective on today’s podcast. Always the passenger, Covel discusses his travels throughout 2013. He moves on to discuss the people who have appeared on the podcast in the last few months. Discussing his most recent guest, Covel quotes Dan Ariely from a TED Speech. Covel notes that being a trend following trader is not about excitement; once you’ve figured out your system, there’s no day to day information flow that’s useful. That’s over: CNN, Bloomberg, etc. People think they need constant and more information to make decisions about the market–wrong. So how do you make good decisions in the light of so much information? Price movement, price action. Covel moves on to talk about simple heuristics and his recent podcast with Gerd Gigerenzer. Covel also announces a trend following conference in Singapore. Happy holidays! Free trend following DVD? Go to trendfollowing.com/win.