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Universities Don’t Help With Trend Trading


Hi Michael, How have you been enjoying Saigon so far? I’m a new trader and I have been trend trading stocks and FX for a few months now. My style of trading is somewhat like Jon Boorman, who was on one of your podcasts. Recently, I have been thinking about getting a Master degree in Financial Engineering since I wanted to learn how to make my trading more mechanical, along with how to better control risk & position sizing. Money matters aside, do you think it’s worth it to go to graduate school for this? Or is there a better way to learn these specific skills? Also, may I ask how you came up with your trading system? Was it a solo work or did you need a programmer to work on it? Thanks a bunch! And have a nice day!

There is no formal school to help you become a trend trader. Do that (formal school) and you only delay progress. You can either code yourself or hire. Done both ways and there is no right or only way. My books, other books I recommend, content on my websites, podcast and my training at all help people get there quicker versus formal education.

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