TurtleTrader Swag Coming Soon?

Feedback in:

Hi Mike, remember when you challenged listeners to get a tattoo of your TurtleTrader logo? That certainly seemed like an extreme way for Trend Following traders to identify. Having a friend who manufactures and sells rings online, I thought to myself; why not get a ring instead of a tattoo? I only just recently asked him if he could design and make one and he said “absolutely”. I think a TurtleTrader ring would appeal to your audience and be a great way for Trend Following traders to identify. I sure would wear one. I hope you won’t mind (much less take legal action against me), but I asked him to make a single ring (see picture) which I’d like to send you in appreciation for having been instrumental in my trading success. It’s the ONLY specimen. Let me know where I can ship it so that you can pick it up when you’re back in the states. It likely won’t be sized correctly, so I’ll also send you a sizing template and we can make and send you a properly sized one. Needless to say, my friend would be happy to discuss a deal with you if you’re interested. His rings are made of aircraft grade titanium and he tells me you’d be very pleased with the margins. Let me know and I’ll get you guys connected. I’m sure you’d hit it off since he’s a successful serial entrepreneur. Cheers and safe travels! [name] p.s. Impressive acroyoga moves.