Follow Your Dreams to Potential Trend Trading Money

My training is for those who want to go down a different path v. the 9-5 drone office cube existence. A recent interchange with a potential client:

Carter: I’m a second year MBA at Duke. Previously, I played tennis in college–I love tennis and love to compete. After school, I worked for an investment bank for four years which I did not like. I read pieces of Turtle Trader and was intrigued. My dream would be to be a trader (or similar job) 7 or 8 hours a day and then coach a couple kids in tennis for two hours a day. What do you think? Can I talk to you at some point or is there someone there who I could connect with?

Covel: Sure, we can chat, just give me a heads up in email about directions. Your dream of trading/tennis? Sure, why not. That’s the whole idea of my training here. Feel free to follow-up.

Carter: Thanks for being in touch. I’m actually from DC, I think you’re from VA. I grew up near American U. And I think you’re in Asia right now. I feel like trading’s growing a ton over there. I lived in Hong Kong 1.5 years before b school. You mean directions for calling? My skype is [name]. If you give me yours, will hit you up at your convenience. Is there like a group of guys that I could join to do this? I vaguely remember from your book when you talk about playing ping pong when you weren’t trading. Like, are there people who use your system that have gotten together, maybe in Chicago or wherever to trade together? I’m just thinking about how I would get started. How many hours a day I would trade/follow markets. If I would just get your $3k system and then be on my own from there.

Covel: On the link I sent is this passage:

Personal instruction is critical for success and Michael Covel has helped thousands learn trend following for outsized profit opportunities. Our support team, led personally by Michael, will answer 95% of all emailed questions within 24-36 hours. You can learn anywhere: iPhone, beach, office, your bedroom, your bathroom, it doesn’t matter. You will have access to our student support service for 18 months.

Thousands of hours were put into the development of our client instruction. It is a complete trend following instruction with ready to apply trend following systems–for both new and pro traders. Just like your CPA or attorney–the ability to ask questions is built right into our product. No extra support fees are charged.

Some ask: Are there in person or online student groups that talk about this strategy? Our firm handles support with you. Keep in mind that the amount of misinformation online is overwhelming. And these days people are so vociferous even when they have no clue. It is a minefield out there.

You will not be on your own — you have support. It has worked very well for many for a long time. The Turtle group story? Like my book? Does not exist as an option. It was once in a lifetime crazy story. In terms of process, consider this from my FAQs:

How much time is required to trade as a trend following trader? You can spend a minute or two per market each day. For example, let’s say you check prices in the evening, then with one trade on your PC in the morning, you place or change any orders in accordance with rules. Use your iPhone or Blackberry to do it. Flagship trend following trading systems use daily data to determine buy and sell signals. This is not day trading or high frequency trading. Orders can be placed before the market opens and do not need hourly monitoring. Most top traders manage their trades in 10 to 30 minutes per day. Trend follower Richard Donchian once said: “If you trade on a definite trend-following loss limiting-method, you can trade without taking a great deal of time from your regular business day. Since action is taken only when certain evidence is registered, you can spend a minute or two per [market] in the evening checking up on whether action-taking evidence is apparent, and then in one telephone call in the morning place or change any orders in accord with what is indicated. [Furthermore] a definite method, which at all times includes precise criteria for closing out one’s losing trades promptly, avoids…emotionally unnerving indecision.” Each day you determine entries and or exits for the following day. You can then buy or sell “at the market” on the open the next day.

It is, once setup, a very straightforward potential profit process.