Trend Following Support

Recent question and feedback regarding my flagship product and support:

Jerry: Taking my time as trend trading is new to me. I am reading your books and others. I like the various products offered for trading. The Flagship program appears to be hot off the presses and very expansive. I am assuming over the upcoming 18 months you will adding, tweaking and adding value in various ways. While you are out of the country, will all my communicating go to you or are there others in the company to check with about the wire and shipping? If I do decide to move forward, how quickly after the payment are the materials shipped? Once into the program, are you the one and only contact (via email) or will there be others for support? Finally, I am not expecting this to be a “signal” or shadowing service, but will there be some alerts regarding trading opportunities for us to consider/evaluate?

Nothing about my world changes due to my physical location. You will always have the opportunity to reach me. I am the primary point on support. Staff may assist, but it all comes through me. Shipping is within 24-36 hrs after wire posts. Ships FEDEX. Not a signal service. I make sure to get you to the point where the last thing you would want is to trust anyone but yourself.

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