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Michael, Your recent podcast with Larry Williams was really interesting. Right afterwards I began doing research on him and found him to be very experienced and knowledgeable. I know there are A LOT of fake (whatever you want to call them) traders out there. Larry does not seem to fit that category but I wanted to hear your opinion on him and his trading style? Larry is holding a free event in Chicago (12 hrs from me) and I was thinking about attending with my father. My father has been trying to trade for 30 years. Only ever made money with stock options while working at a company but lost it all because he had no strategy to get out. He’s done well for him self but not in trading. He’s on the fence weather or not to start trading your TREX system with me because he doesn’t think somebody would sell/teach something that actually works. My concern about bringing him to Larry’s event is him getting even more skeptical (I tell him about this guy Michael Covel and now this guy Larry is saying something different.). Hope this makes sense. I have a lot of respect for you and really value your opinion. Part of me feels like people think I don’t know what I’m talking about with trading because I have not yet made money and with my father being on the fence of investing with me I don’t want to screw it up. Thanks for you time, Rick

I go at the trend following angle. Larry has many philosophical similarities, but some difference on technique. I would text him. Start up the dialogue. It’s always your call!

3 thoughts on “Questions About Larry Williams

  1. What made you so afraid to tell Mr Williams what you think and tell about fundamentals in your podcasts. You were so ironic about Mr Dalio systematic fundamental trading/investing style that I was waiting for that to emerge when you were speaking with Mr Williams. But nothing, nix, nada. You say you are interested in showing what really happens. Start by not ranting without evidence, at least.

  2. I enjoyed Larry on my podcast. If you don’t like him, or me, I could give a ‘blank’ less Nicolas.

  3. Wow, you seem a bit defensive on this. Not calling out Larry on his fundamental views seems contradictory to your normal comments.

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