Entrepreneur Pep Talk in Bangkok

An email conversation with an attendee at a recent conference:

Really enjoyed your talk at DC BKK Michael. And thanks for asking my (somewhat difficult perhaps) question on whether trading was all about luck. I figure that there are a bunch of people like you making money with trading, so it can’t all be a farce. I tried to explain this at dinner the other night to a friend. But he was on an emotional rant and didn’t seem to get it. Hence, my question in your thread.

Question was fine. Curious. I have asked a few this: What did you like about my talk? I am oblivious.

I liked that you know how to present… i.e., you told stories from beginning to end instead of facts. So you didn’t bore people and that is crucial. I liked the inspirational nature of the talk. Lighthearted, but a nice kick in the ass. Maybe have been a little too aspirational for the DC (most people who were at the conference are past the point where they need to quit their job) but I think it went over fine. Stories are the magic tool in a speakers arsenal. Only thing lacking was some hardcore actionable advice, but then again, that’s not really what presentations are about IMO.

Thanks for the feedback John.

Note: This was not a trading talk for those not there. It was a talk about being an entrepreneur.

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