Trend Following in Malaysia

A recent email conversation:

Tommie: I am very interested in the Trend Following™ Premium Flagship; Systems + Training package. I was just wondering if this would apply with my country Malaysia trading the local futures market. Thanks and regards.

Covel: Trend following at its essence is a system, a set of rules, to benefit from human behavior. Human beings are the same across all countries. I saw that very clearly this year after spending 3 weeks in KL. Yes, our systems can be applied to Malay markets.

Tommie: Hey thanks for the swift response! I am actually a beginner in trading the share market and futures but am very interested to start with your system. How long will it take to read through everything? I gone through the prerequisite require to start and it seems like lots of reading. Would I need a system that allows to see the prices daily on real time like Telequote? I am currently using that trying to interpret with indicators and candlestick. My emotions has not gotten me anywhere over the past 2 months of trading.


  1. Reading not bad. Very straightforward.
  2. Get through our materials? Less than 60 days.

Hope this benefits others too.

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