Where To Start Trend Following…

Feedback in:

Hi Michael Covel, my name is [name] and I graduated from Rutgers University last year with a BA in Mathematics and Economics. I have been following your podcast and have read a couple of your books and am very interested in pursuing a career in trend following. I was always disenchanted with the investment banking paradigm, but really believe in the power of trend following. I have been following the markets for the past 5 years and have invested some of my own money during that time. What are some good ways for a guy just starting out to get his foot in the door in this industry? I believe the experience that comes with working for an experienced trend follower would be invaluable. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

1. Read Linchpin by Seth Godin.
2. Read Atlas Shrugged.
3. Read Jack Schwager’s Market Wizard books.
4. Read a Bob Pardo system design book.
5. Read my 4 books.
6. Listen to all podcast episodes.
7. Knock on doors if you want a job.
8. If you want to be a trend trader? Get a system and start trading.

Short list–lots of advice.

Note: Be prepared to never be hired by a trend trader. Then what? Back to my list. You can also consider other options here.

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