Take the Podcast with You on Your Next Vacation


Michael, I have just returned from 2 weeks annual leave in Italy where I took my wife, 3 kids and a Samsung phone loaded with all your podcasts. Some I had already heard but mostly I was just trying to catch up with your posting of new interviews (finding 60 uninterrupted minutes is not easy at work or home so you can imagine my struggle as the podcast list just grew longer each time I looked). Anyway, I would just like to say what a great resource you provide and obviously how bloody hard you work spreading the trend following message, especially at times like this when it’s broadly reviled (heard that before). I have always made a point to recommend your books to friends and clients alike and shall now do the same with the podcasts. Speaking of which, being in my mid-40’s, I especially appreciate a bit of ’80’s pop to kick things off even if it has embarrassed my family when I’ve been a bit loud with a Duran Duran chorus. Let me know when you are next in the UK and I’ll happily take you out for a beer (or two).

Thanks Jason!

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