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Backslapping at CNBC: The True Path to Wealth! Not.

Feedback in:

Hi Michael. Keep up the great work and the podcasts. Love ’em. I haven’t emailed you (as former customer) for years BUT I thought of you when I read this (ignore the website, it’s only ever bearish, but the CNBC clip attached is hilarious!). Why is it so funny? Because after Fed minutes the market tanked, then CNBC talking heads apparently said to buy it, then it rallied, then they came on TV and all gave themselves high fives for “nailing” such a great call as it went unchanged. But in the last half hour it tanked and I don’t think they told the viewers they’re retracting their high fives! One of the good things about trading in Australia is that you can sleep thru the BS because the NYSE closes at 6am, so we wake up to the only thing that really matters; the closing price!

May the trend be your friend,
Rob Lederer

Thanks Rob!


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