Ep. 150: Harry Dent Interview

Synopsis: Michael Covel talks with Harry Dent on today’s podcast. Dent studies demographic and historic trends to project major events. Covel and Dent come at trading strategies differently, but see eye to eye on a number of other issues. Covel and Dent discuss how demographics and consumer spending help to determine what might happen tomorrow; “the demographic clip”; “die-ers vs. buyers”; what happens when a smaller generation follows a larger one; zero interest rate policy and asset prices; inflation; how the government keeps the bubble inflated; comparisons to Japan; the forced spending of principal; whether we’ve lost the ability to have a conversation about the morals of our current policies; real estate speculation; how we’ve lost direction on the idea of “resets”; the boom-bust cycle; the importance of failure; “coma” economies; early retirement, and why you can’t retire at 65; public employee pensions; and why we ultimately need a crisis to secure our future. Want a free trend following DVD: www.trendfollowing.com/win.

One thought on “Ep. 150: Harry Dent Interview

  1. Interesting podcast.

    There was one apparent contradiction which triggered the “what did he say again” part of my brains : granted all human beings are somehow interested in making money to achieve financial freedom, not have to work for the man (my thing), or even not work at all (not my thing, but seems pretty common), Harry sounds surprised/outraged to see how many people wish to retire at an “earlier than reasonable” age.

    The machine (media + gouv + whatnot) sure has a hard time both pitching buy-n-hold & work hard, while at the same time making heroes of rogue traders, lottery winners, and early retirees from Hollywood.

    NB: I don’t know if people realize how valuables all these interviews you make and give up for free are. I do appreciate every one of them. Your is possibly the first podcast I listen to at least twice, and do take notes (physical, on old school paper notebook) on. It’s very good mind opening, free thinking material.

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