Ep. 146: Mebane Faber Interview #2: Now Live

Synopsis: Michael Covel speaks with Mebane Faber on his second visit to the podcast. Faber is a noted author, blogger, and portfolio manager with Cambria Investment Management. His new book, “Shareholder Yield: A Better Approach to Dividend Investing” is out now. If you’re into quantitative style investing, Faber is someone who should have your attention. Covel and Faber discuss the state of quant investing in Asia; how asset allocation is like “bullets”; the benefits of quantitative-style systems; protecting yourself against your own behavioral biases; connections between biology and trading; behavioral finance; keeping yourself from making irrational decisions; boom-bust cycles and bubbles; quant views on the efficient market theory and buy and hold; Japanese markets compared to US markets; “cheap” and “expensive” countries and markets; asset class agnosticism; avoiding the big losses; investing based on dividends; momentum as a return factor; and exit strategies. Free trend following DVD: www.trendfollowing.com/win. Also, reach out to Mebane on Twitter @MebFaber and he has agreed to send everyone a free book.

One thought on “Ep. 146: Mebane Faber Interview #2: Now Live

  1. Great podcast Michael. I am a proponent of combining value indicators such as CAPE with that of trend following using simple moving averages. Therefore, Mebane Faber is a guy I follow regularly. Being from Ireland, I was equally interested to hear Mebane’s preference for investing in Irish equities at current levels. Trading at under the 6x CAPE, it is undoubtedly attractive.

    The big elephant in the room though for all of the European countries is that the euro as a currency holds together. I mean, if Greece for example, who are subject to yet another upcoming bailout, were to leave the Eurozone and devalue the currency, investors would probably enjoy great returns on the equity investments but in a potentially worthless currency.


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