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Hi Michael, I am ready to purchase one of your courses. There are a few courses in your website. I would like to double check with you first before I click the purchase button. My background: Trade professionally in investment banks for the last 10 years. Mean reversion fully automate models in European and US stock markets. Also an IT software engineer for many years before becoming a full time trader in investment banks. Have reasonable amount of funds ready for full time trading for myself. Left investment banks and try to setup my own shop. Work from home full time. Read all your books and other books you recommended, follow your website everyday, listen to all your excellent podcast, watch the Broken movie DVD. Based on my background, I would like to have your advices on which course I should purchase. And why? I cannot find the cost of some of your courses apart from the Flagship New Trader: $2997 USD, Flagship Pro Trader: $2497 USD, Standard New Trader: $2397 USD, Standard Pro Trader: $1897 USD. Please provide those information too. Many thanks for your help.

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Dear Mike, Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I would like to get the answers from the below questions (email below) first. I would like to make sure I will get the right course or system. There are trading courses and trading systems with Tradestation source code. I will need to determine which one is the best for my background. You have Flagship courses and , Triceratops System, and Velociraptor System. Need advices on which one is best fit for me. Many thanks.

Flagship system and course are first step for all clients. Pro version is fine given your background. The other systems, dinosaur systems, are extra purchases Flagship clients can make. Most clients are fine with Flagship only, but some want even more systems and those can make sense then. First step is Flagship though. Given your background you may eventually want one or both of dinosaur systems too. Hope that helps.

Thank you again Mike. It clarifies all my questions. And I understand you are in Asia for a few months for presentation now. Am I talking to you directly or your colleagues at the moment? It won’t affect my purchase decision, just curious.

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  1. Michael: One thing every investor should know is, when the trend of the stock market changes direction. How can I get you to recommend my service?
    Jim Rohrbach, RIA

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