Where is Richard Dennis?

This question comes in regularly in assorted forms:

Hey Michael, I absolutely love the work that you do and I am fascinated by the story of the turtles. I am really curious to find out what ever happened to Richard Dennis. According to his profile on Wikipedia the last time he was actively involved in managing a portfolio was the summer of 2000. What has happened to him since then? Does he still manage money for clients? Does he trade his own portfolio? Is he completely retired from trading all together? Is he still alive? How has he managed to stay so far out of the public eye that there are literally only two images of him on Google? How is it that his partner William Eckhardt is still involved in the business till today yet Richard seems to be missing in action? Have you ever had the opportunity to meet or speak with him? I am quite certain that I am not the only person out there that is curious about what happened to Richard Dennis. Maybe you could also address this in your blog post or through your podcasts so everyone else can also get an update.I would love to hear your thoughts. Regards, Abbas

Hold on. You are sourcing Wikipedia and not my book The Complete TurtleTrader? Start there.