Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Feedback in:

Hi Michael, I found your podcast around 6 months ago and have gone on to listen to the majority of them. I have since purchased your updated version “Trend Following” and it pretty much confirmed some of the views I already had of the market. I find the information you put out there very insightful and informative. I have been the corporate gig the last five years but have found myself going through the motions the last couple and would like to move on to something more exciting or worthwhile. I want to start my own business but not sure what to offer, but I really want to be a trend following trader. My job pays around 55-60k a year and I have about 20k currently in the market besides my savings. I have zero debt and try to live below my means. I am up in the market but at this pace I am not going to be wealthy anytime soon. Does trend following have to be a full time gig? Or could I still have my job and work on it on the side until I have the freedom to quit? I know I can stay at my job and eventually make the 80-100k, but this is getting less and less appealing to me as I would like to have my own freedom one day. Please let me know what you think or good give any advice. Thanks in advance.


Absolutely, no need to quit your day job. Using market close data allows you to NOT stare at a screen all day, so you can make a smoother transition. Help?