Crazy Small World Story About the Trend Following Reach

Michelle, my phenomenal assistant (she paid me to say that!), passed along a great story. It’s a perfect example of the small world we live in and how the trend following message is spreading from San Diego to Saigon to Beijing and beyond. Jered is her husband (for reference):

Jered happened to be working late the other night. His superintendent starting talking about how he needed to get home and get some sleep cause he needed to get up extra early before work. Jered asked why and his superintendent said that he needed to put his trades in for the day. Jered said “Oh I didn’t know you trade. My wife is kinda in that world. She works for someone that does that kind of stuff.” Then his boss said, “Oh really? Well I don’t know what kind of trading she does or who she works for but there is only one guy I would recommend taking advice from and who you should look up. His name is Michael Covel. He has written a few books and I listen to his podcast every morning on my drive to work. There are a lot of guys out there that bullshit around but this Michael Covel guy is the real deal.” Jered started laughing and said that I was your editor on your last two books and that I actually work for ‘that Michael Covel guy’”. Anyway, thought it was a pretty cool story. Give a little shout out to Jered’s boss Jim Baxter if you can. And he also said something about how you haven’t been putting out as many podcasts as you did so perhaps you can throw out an apology and promise they will get more consistent.

The podcast schedule is gearing up for major expansion! Stay tuned. Meanwhile, I want to give a big thanks to Jim Baxter and everyone else out there for tuning in to the podcast.

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