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A good email exchange with some FAQ’s:

Hi, I stay in India. The 1st most important thing which I would like to know is that classes are held online or on-site? Secondly, there are 4 Systems. How do I know which one I must buy. I understand the basics of the markets, but I do not have a good strategy in place, which is what I am looking for. Third, can the strategies taught be applied to Indian stocks since volatility is less when compared to asset classes such as forex, etc. Will things like stock selection be taught? Also, if you have a brief intro and performance results of the strategies, kindly forward it to me.


Both. But mostly it is home study with email support. First place to start is Flagship system/training. Strategies are for all markets. Volatility is always a factor and is always considered and accounted for with our systems. Stock selection is part of the training, yes. You can see an intro to materials and potential performance here:

Example 1
Example 2

Thanks for the quick reply. Are your strategies based on indicators or just price action? Secondly, how is the $2997 system different from that of $2497 one? Both pages mention that strategies are not meant for day traders? May I know how long should one look to hold the position using these strategies?


One version is for brand new traders. The other is for those who have some experience. The strategies used price based indicators. No day trading–ever. A good trend could last over a year. A bad trade could be stopped out in days or weeks.

May I know if I require any charting software or any basic EOD software is OK to do the analysis? Secondly, what is the minimum risk reward I must look at while taking a trade? Also, what is the hit rate for the strategy? Strategy wise, the brand new trader strategy and the pro strategy are the same, right? What time frame is best suited for the strategy? Is multiple time frame analysis done or just one time frame is analyzed?


This is long term trend following. EOD data is fine. EOW data can also work. Yes, weekly bars. I did give a time frame example last email? Hit rate? The question should be: “does the system have positive expectation?” In isolation alone percent winners tells a trader nothing. Trend following aims for 35-50 winners with winners being 3-4x the size of losers. Strategy for pro/new the same. There is no minimum risk/reward. Risk is adjustable. We teach that and how each user can make the adjustment. Software? You could put the rules we teach into EXCEL. Other third party programs like Tradestation can work. I can’t vouch for all programs.

Feel free to follow-up.

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  1. I notice that Michael didn’t take the opportunity to advertise his books in this posting. All of those questions and more are answered in his books. Performance is covered in Trend Following and The Little book of Traders. Strategies are covered in The Complete Turtle Trader. Psychology is covered in all of them especially Trend Commandments. I haven’t read Trend Analytics yet but can’t wait to have time for it. I have no interest in his book sales but will say from a consumer’s perspective. These references are AWESOME resources!


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