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Day Trading Podcast Feedback

Feedback in:

Michael, Hope you are enjoying your journey. I really enjoy the great guests you have on your podcasts. Let me provide some constructive feedback.

1.) You could enhance your podcast by listening to a master interviewer like [name] who really gets the most out of his guest with well prepared and carefully thought out questions.

2.) Given diversified trend trading systems have similar performance it adds value to run many different types of systems with non-correlated returns. Sharing your research on what does not work would be more constructive than your current comments about day trading systems. A great place to start researching other systems is attain and striker which provide hundreds of systems with both backtested and actual track records since go-live. It would be great material for another book to focus on summarizing the 100 most popular trading systems across all strategies with a correlation matrix between them.

3.) It would also be great to have a futures broker as a guest to get their perspective about the pros and cons about having the system executed exactly as specified. If you are aware of another program that has this please pass it along.

4.) Your material is geared toward validating one approach which a good start for the novice. However for those already doing this it would add value to discuss complementary systems/approaches with system developers.


Thanks for the feedback on interviewee questions. Agreed improvement always possible!

As for other issues:

1. Brokers don’t do much for me. That is for someone else.
2. My recent day trading criticism originated with trend trader Ed Seykota. It was spot on.
3. If my business was all hard core systems types–there would be no business.

As for other complimentary systems what do you mean exactly?

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