Support Can’t Be Found In A Book; Your Personal Questions Require Human Feedback

Great trading is not the latest software update or fundamental prediction nonsense. Having rules, discipline, and strong support are the greatest tools a trader can have in the markets. Barbara Dixon was a student of trend following legend Richard Donchian. She had this to say:

Discipline is probably the most important characteristic if you want to be successful in the markets. You need some kind of trading rule or plan. You have to really believe in it and be able to stick with it. I just read Market Wizards, and I recommend it. A lot of those people knew one another and supported each other. Having a network and people you can talk to for positive reinforcement is especially important when learning the business.

At Trend Following you will gain the discipline and rules to get you to where you want to be, but you will also have that support network. You will gain the positive reinforcement to keep your head up and keep going. How? Have a question for your situation? Ask. You will receive the answer. No question is too small.

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