CNBC Is the Insider’s Insider

Good video, but the comment that followed made me laugh. CNBC is the “insider’s insider”? That is a new one. I have heard CNBC called many things, but an “insider’s insider”?

Jon Stewart’s and Helaine Olen’s bias against CNBC and the personal finance industry sounds non-nonsensical to me. First of all, CNBC is the insider’s insider. They have [a] broadcast desk on the NYSE trading floor. Why would they/should they change their entire business and broadcast format to champion the common worker? And the unmitigated bashing of finance gurus like Jim Cramer and Suze Orman in part one completely dismisses the good advice they do give out to people who need it…

Here is a hot Michael Covel tip: no one needs their “news”.

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One thought on “CNBC Is the Insider’s Insider

  1. Michael: Interesting, I wrote about CNBC in my Newsletter today, after listening to Abbie Joseph Cohan on their show this morning. They do not believe in market timing. You must have noticed that they do not welcome Trend Followers or Market Timers.Investors have to find us on their own, but we keep trying. My RIX Market Timing Strategy makes identifying changes in the trend of the stock market very easy. But who would believe that?? I have been on a Buy Signal for the NYSE since 11-23-12, Enjoy your travels. Jim

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