What’s Your Excuse?

James Altucher makes a great point:

…not having a lot of money is just an excuse people give when they feel frustrated, or not at the right place they feel they should be in their lives, or stuck somehow (“if only I had a lot of money, I could do this great idea I have”). Giving someone a lot of money will only remove that one excuse they had. Then they will find other excuses for the reasons they are unhappy.

Go out and make something happen. Plenty of people have gone out before you and done it. Not enough money? Not enough time? Not smart enough? Those are all the reasons why only a few are rich. Most people can’t muster up the motivation needed to get passed those mind blocks. Here are some ideas:

Not enough money? Start small with your idea and build it up, get a business loan, get a second job (for a bit), improvise, ask your friends for help…

Not enough time? Stop watching TV, wake up an hour earlier, stay up an hour later, get off facebook, take the train to work and use commute time…

Not smart enough? Read a book, read a book, read a book, take a class, pick your friends brains…

Start taking the time that you complain about your life and “why you can’t make something happen” and get over it. Succeed or fail, you will be more proud of yourself and more motivated to take the leap again.

That’s also an attitude any good trader needs too.

Michael Covel at Wat Tham Sua (Thailand)

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