Keep Up the Podcast!

Some great feedback in from a listener:


I am not sure who will be receiving this email, but I need to express my gratitude for Michael Covel’s Podcast. I am a newly minted college graduate and I think I have learned more listening to Michael speak than 80% of my college classes. Most importantly, my critical thinking has changed. I am a believer that Trend Following can be applied to everyday living and not just trading (something you probably already know). Please keep up the Podcast!

I am looking to open up an online trading account and I was about to open an account with eTrade. I noticed however (on you recommended TradeStation. Then I noticed the potential of having your Flagship course rebated through TradeStation. I don’t know if this is something I would qualify for, but I would appreciate any information you could give me on this program.

Best regards,

Thanks Carson! And for all others that are interested in the Tradestation rebate drop me an email.

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