Making Significant Progress Is the Name of the Game

Feedback in:

Good afternoon Michael, I hope you’re enjoying the start of your Asian tour. I wanted to let you know that The Complete TurtleTrader played a big role in a number of significant changes I’ve made in my life over the past two years. I find your writing style and daily podcast very inspirational and helped as a catalyst to move me into my current risk management position helping companies manage revenue and input cost volatility using the futures market. On the speculative side, I trade my own futures account using a trend following approach with roots based on the concepts highlighted in your books. I know part of your philosophy is to empower investors to be independent and trade on their own, but if you are ever approached by Canadian investors looking for a futures broker that is a trend follower and able to help ‘hold their hand”, assist with their models, etc, I would be interested working with them. I’ll keep spreading the trend following message and suggesting your books as great resources.

Feel free to give me call.

Thanks again,

Roger H., CFA | Investment Advisor | RBC Wealth Management | RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

Thanks Roger, but there are no brokers I would recommend as hand holders. Brokers want commissions. Never forget it.

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