Asia Is Home Soon…

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Interestingly, about the year 2001, I developed a trading plan and used it for my own investments/trading, etc. I kept it to myself and never shared the information or the “formula.” I didn’t put much stock in the talking heads nor did I pay much attention to the WSJ or IBD. Sometimes my friends would ask what I was buying and my response was that I didn’t know exactly. I might know that a particular ETF was real estate oriented but really had no idea what entities comprised the fund. This, of course, meant that my friends didn’t ask me too often about the market probably because they thought I must be mad to not know everything there was to know about something that I owned (or sold short). At some point, I found a book that I thought I would be interested in reading. It was titled “Trend Following.” Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. All these years, I had been operating in a vacuum having no knowledge that there was another soul in the world who was doing what I had been doing for years. Although I have been very successful with my trend following program, your book gave me a new level of confidence because I knew that I was not alone in the world of trend following. Thank you for your great research and writing. You have done a huge service to those in the world who will listen. One other interesting fact is that my primary residence in Front Royal, Va. is less than fifty miles from where you live and work.

John C.

Thanks for the nice words John, but home becomes Asia Feb 2.