Finding Trend Following: Shout Out to Frank Curzio

Feedback in:

Dear Michael Covel,

I first heard about you when you appeared on Frank Curzio’s podcast in October. Your passion struck a chord with me in that brief interview and I wanted to know more. I subsequently and retroactively listened to every one of your podcasts. You have truly become an inspiration in my every-day life, both personally and professionally, and I wanted to thank you and voice my appreciation.

Just a brief background on me: I am currently a CFO/Trader for a $30M long/short health care hedge fund. My positions previously were in more of a Controller and CFO capacity, as I worked as such for a couple of the Tiger funds (Global and Europe), and [name] Capital more recently. I settled at my current position in January of 2011 and was awarded the opportunity to trade the portfolio as well as run the back/middle office. Outside of trading my personal accounts, I had no prior trading experience, but quickly learned the basics and have done my best with what I have learned. I had heard of the turtles philosophy and had always intended on pursuing further, but had never actually acted until I heard you on Frank’s podcast.

Well, as referenced in one of your podcasts and as Jake eloquently yelped: “I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!

My question now is “what next?” Which trading strategy best suits my fund? You have spoken very little in detail about methodology and trading strategy in podcasts (ATR’s, Entry/Exit), as you admittedly attest. I don’t feel like I have completely robbed you blind for your knowledge and inspiration, as I have purchased and watched your movie Broke. However, I am willing to buy more now. Let me know if there is any more specific information you need to know about my fund in order to come up with a class/system that works best for us.

Keep up the great work and the great rants. The Lunatic is on the Grass is probably my personal favorite. Ritholtz interview is obviously another favorite.

Thanks for your time.

Chief Financial Officer
xxx Capital Management
xxx Fifth Avenue, Suite xxx
New York, NY

Thanks for the great feedback!

My best first option for new clients to my world? See: Those are the best options for initially working with me and my firm. Those include systems + support for your unique questions.

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