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How I Look At The Markets

The markets are a science. Plain and simple. Some like to look at fundamentals and guess what will happen next. I like to look at the numbers. The facts. The only thing you can trust. Billion dollar hedge fund manager David Harding views the markets similarly:

Our approach to markets is a science. It is an unpublished science, but it is a real one. You would have thick leather-bound volumes of papers on it if there were a willingness to “open the kimono,” as the horrible modern expression has it. The process of trading our system is like repeatedly drawing different colored balls from the statistician’s apocryphal bag. As we draw out a ball it becomes part of the track record, and we put it back in the bag, but there is no guarantee that the balls will come out in the same order in the future.

Trend following is speculation in its purest form–find an edge and exploit it consistently over time. That attitude is critical for any entrepreneurial success. Throw the lottery mentality away. Forget the one hit wonder luck the press propagates to the masses of lemmings. Learn the real way to profit that goes against buy and hold (hope).

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