Episode: Against The Propaganda Machine + All Episodes

Synopsis: Michael Covel sets the tone for today’s propaganda-themed show with two clips: A Rod Serling monologue from “The Twilight Zone” and the infamous Apple “1984” commercial. Covel goes on to discuss an article about David Harding of Winton Capital–a trader who has become one of the major faces in trend following trading due to his track record in the last decade. The article notes Harding’s -3.5% 2012, calls his success a “blip”, and generally presents criticism without any foundational understanding of Harding’s techniques. Covel tears the article apart point-by-point. It’s a perfect representation of how the media misrepresents the facts. Covel’s isn’t motivated to critique this particular article because he’s a David Harding fanboy–rather, his goal is to point out the intellectual dishonesty put on display so often in the media. Covel questions the motives of the writers; dispels the myth that massive computational power is needed to be a trend following trader; and questions how one 3.5% down year can possibly be considered a “plunge” or “blip” in the larger context of Harding’s track record. The authors state that Harding was “blindsided by market uncertainty”, but trend following is built on accepting the fact that a black swan can appear in at any moment–a fundamental concept that the authors clearly don’t understand. Next, Covel discusses Dave Ramsey and Ric Edelman; radio hosts who both are convinced that you can’t make money trading. So, they convince you to buy and hold mutual funds (perhaps some of which they’ve helped create) and leave you hoping for the best. Covel takes both of them on and dispels their claims that no one in the Forbes 400 makes their money trading. So, why do Ramsey and Edelman persist in putting out such information? Because they have something to sell. Covel has something to sell too, but he gives both sides of the story. He lays out the buy and hold strategies and compares them to systematic trend following. It’s just clear who the winner is when you see the whole picture. Ramsey and Edelman neglect to talk about trading successfully; it’s all part of the propaganda machine. Think critically. Don’t be a sheep. If you want to obtain something more than average, you’ve got to keep your eyes wide open and look for the propaganda. Free DVD: www.trendfollowing.com/win.

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