Coming to Asia Soon: Covel!

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Hi Michael, Well, its taken me 4 years to strike up the courage to say G’day but I wanted to reach out because i am a massive follower and subscriber to your work. I am not a fan of sending friend requests on Facebook but what the hell! I am a currently out of work broker/trader (previously at [name] Capital in Singapore) but working on building on my own trading business so i can give up working for the ‘Man’. There were 2 books that changed my life, one of which was your book, Trend Following, and the other was a book by Dr. Van Tharp, Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, both of which I read in 2009. You really opened up the world of trend following to me because i realised my naturally developed trading concept although relatively crude and untested had was a reliable strategy employed by massive money mangers. I loved your book so much one year I gave it to clients as presents. I now listen to your podcasts religiously. Thanks for bringing such great guests on to your show – Peter Brandt is a bit of hero since your interview and I am currently reading his book. Anyway enough of the fan mail. I know from listening to your podcasts that you are spending some time in Asia in the New year. I live in Singapore so if you are in this neck of the woods and feel like grabbing a beer with a total stranger but someone who is as passionate as you about the markets and also shares the same level of despondency about the “establishments” management of just about everything then let me know. I am an Aussie so i am prone to enjoying a cold beer every now and again. Amongst other things whilst i am in my hiatus I am going through Van Tharp’s Trading program so I have spent a bit of time over in North Carolina this year. I enjoyed your interview with him–usually he isn’t that talkative so you did a good job. I have been a discretionary technical trader for some time but i am really looking to build several non-correlated mechanical and discretionary systems. A long term trend following system will definitely be one of them. I also plan to start my own blog and I think if I can increase my connections to like minded people such as yourself it will only serve to improve my skill set. I am also trying to get the major universities to allow me to teach technical analysis so I can broaden the horizons of soon-to-be-money managers/analysts to equip them with the basic money/risk management skill set that university curriculiums inexplicably ignore. In any case, if I don’t get the chance to meet you in your travels then good luck and enjoy–I know you will be impressed by the happenings out here.
Best Regards, [name]

Thanks. A beer can work!

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One thought on “Coming to Asia Soon: Covel!

  1. Mike,

    That guy’s background is so similar to mine (from broker/trader to same
    “top two” books to taking a Van Tharp course!) that I thought it
    might be good to connect with him. I’m still working in a brokerage position
    and assisting clients with some of the trading systems I’ve developed, but I am
    working toward the same goal as your Aussie fan: trading independently. Would
    it be inappropriate to ask you to send him my email and contact info?


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