The Masses Miss It

Feedback in:

Michael, I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast that you put on the web this morning and can’t understand how something that is so crystal clear is not easily understood by the masses. I sincerely wish you a very Merry Christmas. –Clark Smith

Thanks Clark! You mean the one with the various traders quoted?

Yes. Last night I bought Broke and watched it on iTunes and enjoyed that as well. This year I have given away probably 50 copies of Trend Commandments as I think that is one of the best books written. I will give away another 1-200 in 2013. [Your] Broke [film] explained a lot of things to me and I gained a better understanding of two of my partners. They are eaten up with not being different than the crowd and we are very different which makes them uncomfortable. Damn I LOVE this journey!

Thanks for all of the support.

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