Jonathan Davis On the Podcast Now

Synopsis: Michael Covel talks to Jonathan Davis, one of the UK’s leading writers on investing. Davis has written 3 books, is a regular writer for the Financial Times, and is the director for three investment companies. Covel and Davis talk about Davis’ new book “Professional Investor Rules” which has a bit of a fundamental flavor to it. Hardcore trend followers need not get bent out of shape, however; Davis and Covel’s conversation crosses strategy lines and gets to the heart of some important investing and economic topics. Davis has been following the markets for over thirty years, first as a journalist, and has had quite a history. He was fortunate enough to spend some time at MIT studying and writing a thesis about Warren Buffet, whom he met on several occasions. His new book looks into the lists of rules that professional investors had made for themselves over the years, both for education and entertainment purposes. Covel and Davis talk about what’s going on in Europe, where the socioeconomics might be headed, how the history of Europe plays into the problem, and how Davis sees it playing out; the importance of performance data; how “the recent past is out to get you”; how volatility is not something the average investor instinctively understands; investing in Asian markets; the efficient market theory; the idea of “the hedgehog” (people who only really know one thing) and “the fox” (people who know many things, and are constantly looking for more) in the context of investing, and how the foxes can allow themselves to be adaptable and flexible to all sorts of market conditions over time. Davis also shares his take on David Harding of Winton Capital, and his view of Marc Faber. Free DVD:

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