Whatever You Think … Think the Opposite

Paul Arden writes in his book “Whatever You Think … Think the Opposite”:


Don’t be negative about rejection. It happens.

Work for free, if necessary.

Good grades will not secure you an interesting life. Imagination will.

Go to work and do your learning in the school of life.

Start your own company, then you have control of your own destiny.

Form your own opinion.

Having the courage to stand up in the face of public opinion is what makes you a winner.

Have a goal.

How you present yourself is how others will value you.

If you want to be interesting, be interested.

When things go wrong it is tempting to shift the blame. Don’t.

Knowledge makes us play safe. The secret is to stay childish.

When it’s right, it just clicks.


Covel: Can’t see how those are relevant to your trend following success? Maybe try again.

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