The Relentless Journey? I Will Take That!

Andreas Sys writes:

Congratulations Michael Covel, you just completed your 100th podcast and I felt it is about time to post a review.

It is not the number that is important but rather Mike’s relentless journey to differ from mainstream – media, government, group thinking, herding. To spread the word… to keep this process going… to ‘praise’ trend following. His blog here dates back to April 3rd 2004 and I have been a reader almost since. All his books are entertaining, well written, give insights you will not learn at university, in any MBA class or courses. The facts presented speak for themselves…it’s all there, people just have to be open and willing to accept it…to let the ‘unimaginable’ sink in…to question assumptions, theories, analysts, financial talking heads, and probably almost the way you looked at markets, trading and profits… the big bucks require a bold, self-conscious mindset.

There are two podcast formats: monologues and interviews (the first three episodes are not available via iTunes). While I do not agree with everything Mike puts out there, we certainly share the mindset and I acknowledge his deserved success to make things happen… to get out there and question… to dig and uncover. These podcasts teach you lessons for life. The concepts presented, the ideas discussed go far beyond trading and trend following. His monologues mostly represent rants about a topic hotly debated in the media, a personal experience or a book/saying he came across. However, more importantly he wants you to think…to read books he relates to, e.g. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead or Seth Godin’s Blog. The interview guests range from ‘hidden’ traders–there’s also an original Turtle–to self-made investors, CTAs and start-ups. You will realize that most of these successful money managers have quite some traits in common with Jack Schwager’s book series ‘Interviews with Top Traders’.

I really encourage all of you to take the time and listen to some podcasts. Of course, we all have different preferences of what we like but following a list of my top podcast (no specific order): Tom Basso Part I and II, Jason Gerlach, Original Turtle Michael Shannon, Tom Pickering, Mebane Faber, Steve Brechtel, Larry Tentarelli, Francisco Vaca. Enjoy the ride & enjoy life.


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