Fiscal Cliff Nonsense? Not Relevant!

James Rohrbach writes:

I have decided to stop listening to and reading about the Fiscal Cliff. The same people who were experts on the outcome of the election and it’s impact on the stock market have suddenly become experts on the Fiscal Cliff. They are now telling us what is going to happen to the stock market as a result of the Fiscal Cliff. Some have even shortened it to one word “Cliff”. They continue to frighten the average investor by promoting uncertainty. They didn’t know what would happen to the stock market as a result of the election and they don’t know now. TV programs have to fill time from 6:00AM to 8:00PM and some longer. They parade expert after expert who they scream at each other so you can’t understand the opposing comments. I can’t waste my time listening to the BS. I do turn them on once in awhile to see the market numbers, out of curiosity.

Nice Jim.

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