Moneyball and Medicine

From The New England Journal of Medicine:

…a more relevant kinship between medicine and baseball may be found in the recent struggles in both fields to use evidence in practice. As Michael Lewis’s 2003 best-selling book Moneyball explains, the architects of the new evidence-based baseball — most notably, Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane — have developed metrics to assess the performance of players in terms of the value they add to the overall team effort.2 Similarly, architects of new value-based approaches to health care delivery have attempted to develop metrics to evaluate the performance of therapeutic strategies, individual practitioners, and organizations. Although Hollywood has yet to dramatize evidence-based medicine, the casting of Brad Pitt as Beane in last year’s film version of Moneyball has helped to crystallize for a large audience the divide between aesthetic and numerical logics in performance-based decision making.

When in doubt–count!

Shout to Michael Mauboussin for the interesting find.