Manipulation Can’t Be Beat; It Can Be Ignored

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Hello Mike, after listening to your interview with Ryan Holiday, I was wondering if you have ever tried to get other major financial news media personalities to disclose the circus act for what it is? Are they all afraid to speak out? It would be great to have someone essentially admit that their existence is purely for entertainment value. I enjoyed watching Cramer in high school, but later as an adult lost all interest in him after he advised people not to trade currencies since they are “too risky”. I’ve noticed when reading or listening to your materials the traders you interviewed all have high networths and have been in the trading arena for years yet were very candid and transparent when speaking about how they earned what they did. Why is this not so with the drivers of the misinformation that is spread throughout society? Furthermore, it seems that the media is heavily biased towards complicated, predictive-based trading…Then again, if most people knew how to be self-sufficient, who else would be left to be a cog in the system?

Mass media sells the dream. They make their money that way. That simple….and evil.

Do you feel that people have been brainwashed into relying on “Daddy government” and yielded their power to think individually?

I am pretty clear on my podcast right?

Indeed, my apologies. I discreetly listen to your podcasts at work (I work in IT at one of the major banks that was bailed out), and I cannot always follow 100% of what was said. Speaking of which, will you soon offer listeners the ability to call in and ask questions? On a bit of a personal note I grew up in up the D.C. suburbs, and my parents met while working at the F.C.C. so I am familiar with the heavy fog of bureaucracy. I agree with your opinion of politicians and believe the corruption seeps out of the ground there. Given your past background in politics is your firm or any of the traders you’ve interviewed thus far looking to form (or has formed) a group or a coalition for the same causes you support? I’m asking this because in one podcast I heard you encourage people to refer others to your books and materials (which I have done, and will continue to do), but it seems you’re relatively alone in this huge battle, as opposed to if you had an X-Men-like squad assembled helping you on the front lines. Just food for thought.

Feel free to ask questions! You can email them or leave me a voice mail. I know some want to fight the good fight, but for me not sure that is my goal. Two trend followers, Richard Dennis and Bill Dunn, are on the Reason BOD. Good place to start.

That’s excellent. Thank you for the info and quick responses!


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  1. I am accepting people to join my free newsletter list. I will send them a couple of my Newsletters so they can become familiar with my Market Timing Strategy. I will also send them on Sell Signal. Who knows, it could be the Big One which is surely coming.

  2. The Reason BOD: What a board. Holy smokes there are some great minds there. Can you imagine being in a room with all of them at the same time. There would seem to be a breadth in viewpoints with the likes of Williams and Dennis both on the panel.

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