The Alternative “Way” of Henry Rollins

A fond memory of mine? Seeing Henry Rollins live for a spoken word tour in the early 1990s. Great stuff. So when I spotted Henry Rollins’ 3 Rules For Success As An Artist/Entrepreneur on … had to link to it. An excerpt:

…it is helpful to have a raging fire under said ass. In Henry’s case, this is gratitude for the life he’s created and the ever-present danger of returning to the financial hardship he knew as a young man.

Here is a fun guest appearance by Rollins a few years back, but very much still relevant:

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One thought on “The Alternative “Way” of Henry Rollins

  1. Rollins broke my nose in 1986 at a Black Flag show. Really smart and aggressive guy with some good ideas. I always thought of VN as a cross between Timothy Leary and Hank Rollins— Just saw Rollins this year on his spoken word tour-definitely reinforced that connection. Thanks!

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