“Your Work Has Re-invigorated My Drive to Succeed on Behalf of My Clients.”

Feedback in:

MC, I just wanted to send a short thank you. It’s only been a month or so since I came across your books. Your websites and podcast were quick to follow. I know that you don’t believe in a Holy Grail of trading the markets, however I can safely say that having come across your work has been an AHA moment for me, and in many respects does feel like a Holy Grail of sorts.

I am a retail broker (Financial Advisor) practicing just outside of Toronto, Canada representing a large bank-owned firm. I have been so disenchanted with buy and hope, and have seen so many of my clients’ assets eroded over time. I have felt utterly helpless after every guru, analyst, and talking head that I’ve turned to for insight has proven to be a disappointment both to me and my clients.

I’ve been enamored with the markets since I was a kid when my father taught me how to read the stock tables in the newspaper. I even qualified for my retail Registered Rep license (similar to Series 7 in the US) in 2001 while I was an undergrad – instead of studying for my 4th year finals. (I never actually graduated, in spite of having nearly 5 years of undergraduate coursework to my name). Since I never had the educational pedigree to join an investment bank out of school, and frankly I would have hated the work environment, that was not an option for me. Point being that I always knew that I would work in the market in some capacity, and the retail side was the only clear way for me to enter.

I sold investments (and insurance) for a large insurance company as my first post-university gig until 2003. I left my first practice to start a company outside of the financial world which I ran for a few years and then sold. In 2006 the markets called on me again and I joined a very large and profitable wealth practice as a junior partner, exclusively servicing HNW individuals. I then became a wholesaler for a large global third-party money manager. In 2008 I returned to the bank-owned firm to start my own practice (where I am today). I was minted with my license on [Date] 2008. I started advising clients on the dawn of the credit crisis. Fast forward nearly 4 years and I can say it’s been absolutely insane from where I sit. I manage nearly $100MM for about 100 clients, but it has been the fundamental variety of management. I am now working tirelessly to change my trading model, not just for me and my family, but for my very deserving clients.

Your work has re-invigorated my drive to succeed on behalf of my clients. I thank you sincerely, and encourage you to keep spreading the trend following gospel.

Your books are great, however I must say that the podcast has become a daily religion for me, which I thoroughly enjoy. I hope one day to be impactful enough by trading the markets to illicit an invitation to be a guest on one of those podcast episodes some time in the future.

Systematically, Adam [name]

Thanks Adam! Stories from others out there are great. I am sure others learn vicariously.