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Hey Michael, I hope you are doing well (for some reason I know you are… I wanted to let you know I just completed my first 90 days of mock trading a simulated trend following portfolio. And, thanks to your help (wisdom) along the way I have learned a tremendous amount. But more importantly, I have started to grasp (and begin to cling to) the trend following mentality! 5 weeks into my trading, my account was up 36%. 9 weeks into trading, my account was in a 30% drawdown from peak equity. I could not have asked for a better learning opportunity to hone my new found trend following psyche and implement the vital risk management techniques. Your advice/teachings/emails/online resources/books/podcasts were (and continue to be) the anchor I used to weather the storm of the drawdown and also to temper my emotions when things were going very well. Thank you for sharing your passion with others so that we at least know that the red pill is even an option. Mark D.

Thanks for the nice words Mark. It is a journey!

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  1. Awesome Mark! I’m already looking forward to catching your interview with Covel in the future.Keep it up!!

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