Jim Rohrbach Passes Along Podcast Feedback

Feedback from Jim Rohrbach:

Hi Jim, I am a 56-year old Truck Driver in England. I have been interested in the financial markets for some time now. I am hoping to put together a small nest egg to allow me to stop working so hard and spend more time with my wife. Would like to retire from full-time work in around 6 years. Then possibly do something part-time work just to keep me going. I have tried different strategies over the years but never really made much money. I have been really interested in Trend Following lately and have been listening to the Mike Covel Podcasts. That’s where I heard your interview and loved it. I have listened to it about three times and think that it is one of the best of all the podcasts he has done. I love the simplicity of your strategy and think that it makes lot of sense. You came across as a really genuine and likeable person. We love our holidays in the USA and have been to Florida on about 8 occasions since our honeymoon in 1986. We was only there in March this year. We rented a villa in Kissimmee and then had a cruise out of Lauderdale. (Yes I do spend a bit of money on our holidays, Why not?). Anyway, thanks for sorting that out for me and I hope to use your RIX indicator to get an edge on this Stock Market stuff. I will be making trades on stocks from our FTSE 100. It usually shadows the Dow very closely. Maybe I will just buy a “Market Tracker” and go in and out with a Cash Fund as the signals change from buy to sell. Thanks again Jim and kind regards. Kevin

Thanks for passing along Jim!