Patrick de Villiers on the Podcast

Feedback in from my most recent podcast:

Hi Michael, I thoroughly enjoyed our chat…and hope that the resultant podcast provides some insights to your audience. We ended rather abruptly last night and I didn’t get a chance to thank you not only for inviting me onto the Trendfollowing Manifesto, but more importantly for the mental backup that you gave us in the early days when we first discovered that our investment philosophy wasn’t a breakthrough but merely an imitation of strategies that had been around for years. The hardest part of implementing a system is the confidence required to follow it and you made us believe we were on the right track back in 2005. For us your Trend Following book followed by The Complete TurtleTrader would be required study material for any new recruits in the firm and if considering that our only 2 other important books would be “Fooled by Randomness” and “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” you definitely have encompassed all that budding traders need to know. Therefore thank you for the tireless work you do promoting systematic trend following investment philosophy. Brett and I continue to respect the work you do out there and are considered the “high priest” of the business.
Best regards,
Patrick de Villiers; Principal Neural Capital Trading

Thanks Patrick. Everyone can listen to our conversation here.

Patrick de Villiers

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  1. I think you wanted to say he’s in Cyprus, not Cypress. Looking fwd to hear the podcast tomorrow on the way to work!

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