Round and Round

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Michael, Good morning. I heard about your trend trading book “little book….” on the local radio show here in Dallas and it was mentioned by Gil Morales during an interview. I have reviewed your website site and books and I am trying to determine the best route for me to take. My wife works for a equity firm and therefore we have guidelines that we must follow when it comes to stocks (pre-approvals..both buy and sell and holding periods). The way the market is reacting, holding a stock for a week, no less 60 days could be painful. With all this said, ETFs are excluded from our guidelines and therefore I can be more active as a trader/invested. I have to stay away from commodity and futures ETFs. Of your resources/books what do you feel would be the best route for me to take? Thanks, Mike

Do you have an account/funds not linked to horribly onerous restrictions? Let me clear: evaluating the restrictions you are working under might be your first step of self-reflection. Those are very, very restrictive. In terms of my work, since my books are all relatively inexpensive, try Trend Commandments and The Complete TurtleTrader. Also see this introduction video and more free resources. Feel free to follow-up.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have a cash trading account with about $35k but again to be active and not have to adhere to the pre-approvals I am back again to ETFs, everything else is under the restriction umbrella.

Whatever benefit you receive from those restrictions will not over the course of a lifetime beat not having the restrictions. You can trade ETFs as a trend follower.

Thanks again. I look forward to reading the 2 books you recommended. I want to be a successful investor, restrictions or not. I just need to find the right tools.

Trying to point out though that those kinds of restrictions will most likely prevent you from ever getting to that goal.

I completely understand and with my hands being tied like they are I want to make the best of a challenging situation. Is it fair…no…but it is what it I keep doing my research.

I stopped writing back…round and round…

Two old school round and rounds: 1 and 2.