Open Your Eyes and You Will Notice Wise Trend Following Words All Around


[Reggie Jackson] rarely failed in the biggest games, of course. Jackson hit .357 with a 1.212 OPS in 27 World Series games. “Pressure never bothered me,” he says. “I didn’t calm myself in those situations, I allowed myself to be calm. There’s a difference. I had an agent, Gary Walker, who used to say to me, ‘Get out of your own way. Don’t get in the way of your ability.’ And that’s what I did. I got an e-mail from a Universal Studios executive who was at the three-home-run game against the Dodgers. He said he remembers thinking that I had a relaxed sense of calmness at the plate in that game. A relaxed sense of calmness. I like that. That’s the place I was trying to find.”