Keeps Me Motivated!

A reader emailed me last week:

Greetings, I would like to confirm that my request for the DVD lesson offer, and subscription to the newsletter was received by you. A confirmation was not received; my request, perhaps, did not go through? I am looking forward to it and I am also interested in the course offerings.

I told him a copy was in route. He wrote back a few days later:

Thank you very much, but you don’t have to send it, I just received it today. Looking forward to it. Also watched Broke recently; compelling. Very professionally produced, PBS documentary quality and the content is excellent. After traditional investing, swing and day trading (…for crumbs) I ‘get it’ about trend following, and it is elegant. You seem to have the most complete and practical information on this method of trading, including your courses. Podcasts are excellent. So refreshing to hear someone speak their mind and not be a boot-licker just to further their own status. That independence and confidence is sorely lacking in this country; too easy to sell out and be a bitch. That says a lot about your beliefs, integrity and your determination to not take the easy road. I’m sure that shows up in your course material as well. Just reading the description I have no illusion about it being another bullshit course/methodology. Thank you again. Later. [name]

That type of feedback keeps me motivated.