Student Feedback: Trend Following

From a student:

Hi Michael, been applying self-discipline. Have resisted the urge to cheat. Have been stopped out and disheartened. Have smashed out several frozen ropes and been elated. It seems at times to be a love/hate relationship. I am very green, trading real money for 2 months now with 2 small accounts. Currently, the accounts. are up $[number] each (My paper acct. is up more than $[number], sitting at $[number] now after applying the system for 2 and a half months). This is the first and only trading system I’ve gone through that has given crystal clear instruction and has increased my account balances. Absolutely worth every penny. The course has been, and continues to be, absolutely necessary. Driving in my truck, have listened to the CD’s countless times. Am officially brainwashed and it has been a much-needed scrubbing to realize I can’t trade on intuition and now [also] in control of my bride’s self-directed RSP (Canadian. equivalent of IRA). Realize now that we will be able to retire if we choose to do so. Didn’t start this message to tell you all the numbers, just want to thank you for a no-bullshit approach to trading and all your support. So—- Thank you. And have a great weekend. Best, Steve

Thanks Steve. Just don’t jump the gun on retirement yet!

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